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AURIFIL COTONE MAKO – 100 % gemerceriseerd Egyptisch katoen

Quilt-, patchwork-, applicatie-, borduur-, naai- en kantklosgaren

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Download pdf file – kleurenkaart Cotone Mako 


 Cotton Makò 50/2 wt.    1300m &  200m spools  orange spool holder Perfect for hand and machine appliqué. This fine strong thread results in flat seams when foundation piecing.It produces a subtle effect when used as a quilting thread and is ideal for embroidery, thread painting and machine, bobbin and needle lace making.
Cotton Makò 40/2 wt.    1000m & 150m  spoolsgreen spool holder Extremely versatile thread for general sewing, patchwork  piecing, machine quilting, machine embroidery and appliqué.
Beautiful results are achieved when machine quilting
Cotton Makò 28/2 wt.    750m & 100m spools
grey spool holder
Ideal when a more defined machine quilting stitch is desired.
Also suitable for top stitching and blanket stitching by machine.
Excellent for hand embellishing and hand quilting
Cotton Makò 12/2 wt.     325m & 50m spoolsred spool holder The heaviest thread in the range. Ideal for decorative embroidery and
quilting, lace making, hand and machine blanket stitch work



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