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  A Firework of Colors!

This is looking forward to you all that like do design beautiful things with needle and a thread.
Wether you you stitch, knit, crochet or make laces.
Wether you are just beginning or have done so for a long time: The materials of this unusual collection will never again leave your mind.

Judith Baker Montano said about the collection

These are the most natural hand-dyed threads “ever”!

What a compliment for these materials from such an outstanding textile artist.

The Painters Threads warehouse is teeming of silk, cotton and other delicacies. Fabrics, “wastes”, crochet balls, laundry buttons – nothing is safe from their craving for coloring things. We and many needle enthusiasts from all over the world find ever new ways to use this diversity of colors and materials.

Sue Spargo, one more world famous quilt, artist has used threads from the Painter’s Threads collection for her highly sought-after “block of the month” several times.

The two creative minds of Wooly Lady from Ohio always find new ways to use the threads and have now their own color line designed and produced by Painter’s Threads.

So does Dale from The Threadstudio in beautiful Perth in Australia.

The special color technique, which The House of Textile Arts has developed for the threads, recalls the “dot painting” of early impressionist painters. With just a few stitches you can create surfaces with smoothly running colors without a recurring pattern.

The materials from the collection can be bought in local stores or
from the online-shop in Germany.

NEW in 2017: Painter’s Pastels. 10 subtly shaded light colors as a fantastic supplement to the colorful Painter’s Threads. Available as pearl cotton # 5 + # 8 and Crewel Wool.

If you own a shop please contact us we will redirect you to the distributor in your country.


 Creatie: Wil Fritsma




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