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100% Filament Silk #100 Tex 12


YLI Silk #100 is the finest filament silk thread on the market.

YLI Silk #100 is primarily used in hand appliqué and machine quilting.


Why is it so great for hand appliqué:

– because it is so thin it just disappears into the fabric.

– it is favored by experts and by not-yet-experts who want their appliqué to look like the experts


YLI Silk #100 is also great for machine or hand quilting

– when you want lots of stitching in a small space.

– it is very thin but, because it’s silk, plenty strong enough for machine quilting, even on longarm- machines.


YLI Silk #100 is available on 200 m spools and on 1000 yard cones.


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