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Au Ver à Soie  SOIE PERLÉE® – 100% pure zijde

De Soie Perlé is leverbaar op kleine houten klosjes à 16 m en op conen à 80 m

Au Ver à Soie  SOIE PERLÉE® – 100 % pure silk

… is a 3 ply twisted filament silk that is smooth, soft, and lustrous. It is available in a range of 365 colours available from stock. It is made of the best qualities of raw silk which give it an unrivalled brightness and softness. Soie Perlée does not snarl in the needle and has a good tensile strength. It resists also very well to abrasion. Au Ver a Soie takes great care and makes great efforts to see to it that this product is properly made. It is considered as a reference thread in all needlework activities.

Dyed in skeins to guarantee an homogeneous colour, it is put on cones. It is available on cute wooden spools of 16 m  on 80 m mini-cones.

soie perlee     project_soie_perlée1


Perlee_reds_purples   perlee_white_black_Cream_New_colours


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