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AU VER A SOIE – SOIE D’ALGER® – 100% Zijde

De SOIE D’ALGER is een 7 draads splitzijde met een fluwele hele zachte glans, zij is makkelijk te verwerken en heeft een kleurenpalette van over 600 kleuren.

De SOIE D’ALGER is leverbaar in strengen à 5 m en 45 m



The SOIE D’ALGER, is a 7 strand high quality 100% silk thread which comes in a palette of more than 600 different colours it is available in 8 and 45 metre skeins or 100 gram hanks (About 390 metres).

This silk is loosly plyed and can be split easily. It doesn’t come from Algeria. The name “Alger” refers to a special domestic process.

It is made of the best quality spun silk (called strusas) which gives it an unrivalled regularity, lustrous and softness.

This 7 strand silk thread  does not snarl in the needle and has a good tensile strength. It resists also very well to abrasion. AU VER A SOIE takes great care and makes great efforts to see to it that this product is properly made.

The SOIE D’ALGERIt is considered as a reference thread in all needlework activities.

Dyed in skeins to guarantee an homogeneous colour, it is put on cones, 5 m pull-skein, 45 m. hank.
In 1890, the Soie d’Alger colour chart had 2688 different colours gathered in 107 sets. It is precisely this chart which is used to add new colours.

Hand applications : Carpets, tapestries and embroidery restoration and creation, Trimmings, Cross stitch, counted thread, needlepoint, embroidery, Hardanger, lace making, blackwork, ribbon embroidery, stumpwork, Smocking, quilting, crazy quilting, crocheting, knitting, crewel and Miniature

Machine applications : Weaving, Knitting, Embroidery, Large topstitching (on fabrics)

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